New York is the city that never sleeps and the center of all things art. Artists from all over the world flock to New York to exhibit their pieces, experience the scene, or even wander the streets looking for freshly painted street art. Art in the Big City is as lively and, at times, chaotic as the people themselves. While not everyone is able to live in the big city, nearly everyone can get a taste of the incredible artistic offerings thanks to modern technology. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat have all filled in certain niches in the art world, but Instagram seems to be tailor-made for creators to show off their best and brightest works. If you’ve wanted to diversify your follows, or want to see more of what the Big Apple offers, check out the New York art Instagrams below.


New York Art Studio

The New York Art Studio is an art school that prepares young artists for their careers offering lessons and critiques that prepare portfolios to showcase their life’s work. If you are in the city, the school offers summer camps, classes, and more. Their Instagram showcases the best of student art, providing a showcase of the art of the future.

Street Art NYC

New York is known for its streets. For better worse, nearly anything can happen in the sprawling metropolis. As any good artist knows the world is a canvas, and the streets of new york provide ample space, inspiration, and opportunities for art. Street Art NYC is dedicated to showcasing the incredible pieces that are put up across the city – often only allowed to be up for a short time.

The Museum of Modern Art

The MoMA is one of the most well-known and most visited art museums in the world and features the freshest and inspired pieces from around the world. If you’ve ever visited, or follow them elsewhere, you’d be remiss to not follow their Instagram page. See the latest and greatest pieces of art while staying up-to-date on what the most exciting trends are.

The New York Academy of Art

For art education at any age, the New York Academy of Art is world-renowned for its faculty and class offerings of all types. Their focus on critical skills and supportive instruction provides students with the tools to grow as individuals and artists. Follow them online for updates to classes and offerings, as well as to see the latest and most impressive creations from students and teachers alike.