A new trend of public art installations has appeared in New York City. The Big Apple loves to brag about anything and everything that has to do with culture, so this is a real welcomed change for the city.

The Department of Transportation just finished a project that encourages people to stop texting while crossing busy streets. “Look Both Ways,” a new public art installed at intersections across New York City. The project features life-size metal sculptures of pedestrians made by Todd St. John.

Additionally, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has started beautifying subway stations to make people feel more welcome and safe while using mass transit. This is why the MTA announced last month that it is creating a specific fund to focus on art and design projects.

The MTA’s Arts for Transit program has created over 700 pieces of artwork throughout the subway system. Still, this new fund will specifically focus on beautifying subway stations to make them feel more inviting. The MTA included in their press release that “Since 2013, the number of annual subway riders has increased from 1.65 billion to 1.73 billion.”

The first project of the new fund is a series of mosaic murals being installed at the Fulton Center Station in Downtown Manhattan. The designs, created by artist Matt Mullican, represent various aspects of NYC life and culture, such as commuters using public transportation and the city’s water.

With bus shelters, subway stations, and other public spaces having beautiful items to look at while people wait for their train or ride the bus, citizens are sure to feel safer when they are in a positive environment. This will also encourage more tourists to visit NYC.

New York City is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for its citizens. The growing number of public art installations is a win-win situation that will truly make this city a beautiful place to live in. DDA Awards $3M in Grants for PUBLIC ART Projects, Improvements to Public Spaces” “NYC subway art project receives mixed reviews after nearly 20 years of service.

It seems like not a day goes by without an article about the latest public art installation in New York City. From interactive pieces to sculptures, there’s always something new and exciting popping up around town!