There are many people who prefer to explore the roads less traveled. While most people visit New York’s Museum of Natural History or the Smithsonians, there are a number of museums that aren’t on most people’s radars. If you’re interested in checking out a more obscure museum, check out these four that are off the beaten path.

1. The PS 1 in Queens, New York

This experimental art museum could be called the “off Broadway” show of art exhibits. Creative elements range from a flipped police car’s lights flashing like a disco ball to the “Taking a Thread for a Walk” woven fabric pieces. Paintings, drawings and other works also display elements of time through numerous decades with emphasis on various groups including Native Americans and Latinos.

2. The Manhyia Palace Museum

One way to learn about history is through storytelling. This collection of artifacts brings alive the tale of the legendary queen mother Yaa Asantewaa. She died in exile after leading a revolt against the British. Pieces found within this gallery’s walls include royal stools, war drums, statues and medals. This historical site was once the home of Otumfuo Prempeh I and Otumfuo Sir Osei Agyeman Prempeh II, K.B.E. the 13th and 14th Kings of the Asante Nation.

3. Museum of the Fortress of Columbus, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Museo Alcazar de Colon sits between a nearby romantic plaza and the Ozama River. Events of significance taking place here include conquests of both the Caribbean and Latin America. Diego Columbus, the son of Christopher Columbus, had a palace here. The city of Santo Domingo where this Museum sits houses the oldest university and church of the New World. It includes colonial art and artifacts in an area now marked a UNESCO World Heritage site.

4. Sir John Soane’s Museum in London

This architectural site resembles what viewers might see in a mystery movie. It has an intricate layout of mirror mazes and secret passages along with distinctive lighting effects. It displays antique artifacts, paintings and sculptures. Among the most striking items found on site include a piece of Napoleon’s hair and an Egyptian sarcophagus. It used to be Sir John’s home in the 18 Century.