Creativity is an essential skill for children to develop and express as they age and learn how to communicate socially and emotionally with others. While society itself can restrict creativity and self-expression, it’s essential children have a safe place to express their thoughts, dreams, and creations to better understand themselves and the world around them. Here are a few ways to better enable children to develop their creativity and express it without any fear of judgment or censure.


Encourage confidence and dissuade social performance

Help the child to better believe in themselves and in their preferences and dislikes. Every person is unique, and a child shouldn’t feel the need to “fit in” or change themselves to become more “normal.” School and other children can provide unfortunate opportunities for a child to become aware of how they’re different from others and feel the need to change themselves to be like someone else.

Social performance is the enemy of self-confidence, and every child should be supported in what they like and what they want to do. There are no right and wrong or better or worse hobbies and activities.


Engage with adventures and creations

A child can express themselves with a variety of imaginative worlds, characters, and situations that they want to share and better explore with others. Engage with the child about their creations, and let them talk out and show what they’ve worked on and made. A child’s imagination can often be a wild and exciting place, and it’s thrilling for them to be able to discuss their creations with someone who’s interested and wants to know more.


Explore their self-reliance and self-expression

Encourage the child to express themselves how they feel without worries of being different or wrong. Being able to self-rely and stand up against others with different opinions or beliefs will help a child better be able to express themselves and stand by what they believe without caving into social performance.

Children should feel free to wear, play, read or draw what they want without fear of being told they’re doing it wrong. Developing self-reliance early can lead to unwavering self-confidence and strength in the future.