For art lovers, there are some great museums to consider visiting in 2022. Most of the following museums are opening later this year, so there is still time to plan a trip. There are many options to consider across the globe, from Tulsa to Oslo, with subjects from Bob Dylan to Nordic design.

So, What’s New?

Starting in the European continent, new museums are opening in Oslo and Glasgow. In Oslo, a National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design will open in June. This museum will be equipped to teach visitors all about the heritage and creativity of the region. Hopping over to Glasgow, The Burrell Collection is set to open in March. This collection will include a vast collection of paintings and antiquities. Now, this is not the first opening of this museum; it had been closed for renovation and is back to delight visitors with its interactive displays.

Continuing on in Europe, it would be easy to create a trip knocking out the following two museums in Berlin and Paris. Fotografiska Berlin is slotted to open sometime in late 2022 with a focus on contemporary photography. Other Fotografiska locations have already opened in New York and several other European countries. Heading southwest approximately 600 miles to Paris, in spring of this year Maison Gainsbourg plans to open its doors. This museum will specialize in the life and music of Serge Gainsbourg. Visitors will enjoy the fact the museum is located in a house Serge lived in for over 20 years.

Last but not least, Bob Dylan lovers listen up. For music lovers who don’t mind Blowin’ in the Wind over to Oklahoma, there is a notable museum opening in Tulsa. The museum will open in May and contain over 100,000 original pieces from recordings to photos. Fans will not want to miss the excellent multimedia installations. All of this can be experienced in vibrant downtown Tulsa.

It is clear that 2022 is going to be an exciting year for new museums. Whatever the preference, there are a wide variety of museums to choose from for art lovers around the globe. Whether planning to hop around Europe or visit mid-America’s Tulsa, there is much to learn and many delightful memories to be made.