Luxury is anything that goes beyond the basics, however, people who aren’t car enthusiasts may not understand what the term luxury means in the car industry. While economy cars can perform the same thing as expensive luxury vehicles, there are certain aspects that are not comparable. The differences are often in the details, and of course, in the engine. Luxury sports cars will surpass any standard car engine. There’s a reason these vehicles cost as much as they do: they will always come equipped with efficiency and horsepower that economy cars cannot come close to.


Is there anything better than having a road to yourself while your drive a great car? 2021 has something for everyone, whether you like mid-engined two-seaters or prefer lightweight track cars. Here are a few of the best sports cars this year.


2021 Porsche 911


This car always ranks near the top of the luxury sports car class. The car has well-rounded handling, a high-quality interior, and fantastic engine performance. With 640 horsepower its engine lineup is brawny and athletic. 2021 Porsche 911 cons? As always, it is a bit pricier than its many rivals and can be cramped in the rear.


2021 Lexus LC


The new Lexus LC is a comfortable and fun ride. While it’s got an outstanding predicted reliability rating, it is lacking the athleticism of many of its competitors. The interior is beautiful and the dynamics are smooth. New for 2021 is the updated suspension and new convertible body style.


2020 Porsche 718 Cayman


The Cayman coupe offers the driver unparalleled feedback. There are three different flat-four cylinder engines that communicate with the road and the driver perfectly. The interior isn’t fantastic, however, Porsche does offer a plethora of personalization options. While the Boxster convertible is related it’s review should be kept separate.


2021 Chevrolet Corvette


Alas, saving the best for last, the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette ranks at the top of the competitive luxury sports car class. The balanced handling is expert, the interior is delightful, and the engine performance is searing. The acceleration is thrilling and while the car is agile, it remains comfortable to drive. The only downfall to this new model? Limited rear visibility.