Omid Chaman

Fine Art & Other Hobbies

Owner of Chaman Antique Rug Gallery

A Real Estate Agent located in Great Neck, New York, Omid Chaman is a talented professional who is also interested in art. 

Omid Chaman’s artistic passion stems from a life spent growing up in a family who has been operating in the collection, sale, and trade of antique oriental handmade carpets from all across the globe for more than 40 years. Doing business as Chaman Antique Rug Gallery, their collection is extensive – containing pieces from India, Persia, Turkey, and Asia – and comes from auction houses and estate sales all over the world. In particular, they restore Early 16th to Early 20th Century antique carpets and have had considerable success across more than four decades in business.

For Omid Chaman, these beautiful and handcrafted rugs and carpets are art pieces for the floor, the same way paintings and tapestry pieces adorn walls and corridors. The time and care that goes into the creation of each one is truly awe-inspiring. His love for art runs deep, and he carries a profound appreciation for these antique carpets as well as 17th-century tapestry pieces that he can repair and restore. 

Alongside a personal passion for art, Omid Chaman also has a significant interest in and fascination with sports cars. His interest began in his youth when he started collecting posters of cars he was interested in. As he got older, became able to drive legally, and began to earn more money, Omid was able to start investing in his interest and really getting into sports cars. He now works buying and selling cars and is proud of the knowledge that he’s acquired along with it. Alongside working to fix, refurbish, and resell sports cars as a hobby on the side, Omid also has a personal collection of sports cars himself that he can enjoy, fulfilling a childhood interest as an adult. 

Professionally, Omid Chaman is a Real Estate Agent who co-founded and is currently serving as President for The Chaman Group. His wife has been a Laffey agent for nearly two decades, and over the past few years, Omid decided to join her in the business. Together, the two have been able to grow The Chaman Group and are focused on creating a team that will have substantial experience in real estate, both on the listing side and the business side of operations. 

To learn more about art, antique oriental rugs, and sports cars from Omid Chaman by checking out his blog page!